About Us

Seashore Fruit and Produce Company is the region’s leading distributor of fresh fruit, produce, and dairy serving the tri-state area. Seashore provides unparalleled quality, commitment to service, and competitive pricing. We service a diverse customer base, which consists of:  K-12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare and senior living facilities, business and industry locations, national chain restaurants, independently-owned restaurants, casinos, country clubs, and theme parks. Our staff is familiar with your specific needs and what you need from your fresh produce vendor.

Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Our Customer Service Department is available to answer any questions that may arise Monday through Saturday. We provide weekly communication of market trends and the availability of locally sourced product.

Our History

Seashore Fruit and Produce was founded by Joseph Palmisano in the Atlantic City Terminal Market in 1908. The business remained in the family for three generations. In 1985 Barry Yagodich purchased the company from the Palmisano family. Seashore was quickly transformed into a company with a far greater regional presence, while maintaining the family business tradition. Rapid growth in the late 1990s led to a second distribution facility in Penns Grove, New Jersey. This strategically placed second facility within minutes of the Philadelphia Produce Market positions Seashore to service the tri-state region. The Penns Grove facility is now the primary facility, while Atlantic City functions as a cross-dock and office.

Today Seashore is run by Barry’s son, Chad. Seashore is continually expanding and evolving. We’re passionate about offering the best quality fruits and vegetables, continuing to grow our locally-sourced program, and furthering our sustainability initiatives.

PRO*ACT Advantage

In 2003, Seashore became a member/partner of PRO*ACT, a national organization of independently owned and operated produce distribution specialists. Collectively, the PRO*ACT companies are the nation’s largest fresh produce distribution organization serving the foodservice industry. The “PRO*ACT Advantage” is product quality, safety, and value.

Food Safety

Seashore Fruit & Produce is GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified through the SQF Audit (Safe Quality Food) food safety audit. We adhere to our accredited HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) and recall plans. The mock recalls that we participate in multiple times a year are validated by our food safety audits.

Seashore is an eager participant in the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), has a Global Locator Number (GLN), and a Global Tractability Identification Number (GTIN).

We frequently review and update our Food Safety, Food Defense, and Recall plans to ensure that we are providing the safest foods to all of our customers.

Locally-Sourced Product

The biggest trend in the culinary world right now is Local. Seashore has partnered with local growers and sources locally grown commodities whenever possible. Locally grown product is not just a trend— it tastes better, looks better, and is better for you. Local springtime offerings include: asparagus, lettuces, and leafy greens. In the summer our local tomatoes, blueberries, sweet corn, peaches, and peppers are popular. Autumn favorites include: a variety of apples, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes. In the winter, we highlight fresh mushrooms from Chester County, Pennsylvania and potatoes from Pennsylvania and New York. During the local season, we provide a weekly update to inform our customers what is available locally and where is it sourced from. We also have biographies available on each of our local suppliers for our customer to promote that the support local growers.

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In addition to sourcing locally, Seashore is working to become more sustainable. In April 2016, we achieved the Green Business Bureau’s platinum level.  Seashore, along with the other PRO*ACT companies, has created and is implementing a sweeping new sustainability initiative called Greener Fields Together. It encompasses the entire spectrum from seed to fork: national growers, local growers, distributers, and hospitality partners.

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