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March 6, 2020

Every one of our customers has something that is a PITA to source.

A couple month ago some colleagues and myself had a nice conversation with a food service director who runs out to stores a few times a month on her own time to source some quality gluten-free items for a few children in her district. She was certainly not complaining about it, nor would she ever. To her, providing these children with the most nutritious, delicious school lunch was her job; and their dietary restrictions were just a bit of a challenge for her to source. When she came to visit and our facility, we discussed our Natural Marketplace. We explained the value it could provide– more options, delivered where you want it, with your produce, and a few extra minutes to yourself. She became our first customer to order from our Natural Marketplace and found some of the same items that she was sourcing on her own, and more. Crystal, thank you for your support of this program and partnership! I would also like to thank her account manager Joe Stan who immediately saw the potential and he became our biggest champion of the program.

I wish I had not said “start browsing” in any of my promos. It is very overwhelming to “uhh.. just start browsing” because 30,000+ items is a lot. Although I’d like you to think of it as a place you can leisurely browse, it’s actually a web-based ordering platform. Our Natural Marketplace is designed to give you all access to quality natural items without a minimum. Just order what you need, and we’ll ship it with your fresh produce.

Going forward, the next time you experience that frustration of not being about to order exactly what you want or having to order things you don’t need to reach a minimum for delivery– consider logging on to our Natural Marketplace! You just might find what you need 🙂

Log on to our Natural Marketplace at:


Liz G.

Marketing Manager

The purpose of this blog to share my 8 1/2 years of produce industry insight. Enjoy more fresh produce, buy with confidence, and let’s move fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables to the center of the plate!


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