Oh, Honey-DON’T settle for just any-melon.

I wouldn’t consider myself a melon fan. I like watermelon, in season and chilled. I may have a few bites of Jersey cantaloupe. Honeydew is what I feed my in-laws.

Anyway, for the better part of a decade, I’ve sold specialty melons and wondered how they compared and if they were anything to get excited about..

A couple weeks ago, I grabbed a curious intern with a better camera and started chopping… I can assure you that specialty melon season is worth it (like waiting for Jersey free-stone peaches).

  • Canary Melons have bright canary-yellow skin and surprising green flesh. They taste very sweet, like a perfectly ripened cantaloupe.
  • Crenshaw Melons have a unique squat shape, buttery-yellow and green skin, and orange flesh. Crenshaw is very fragrant; it tastes like a ripe cantaloupe with notes of cucumber.
  • Galia Melons are a netted variety. Their green flesh is firmer, like honeydew. This melon tastes very sweet, with a pallet-cleansing finish– an ideal intermezzo.


Specialty melons will be in season through late-August. Also, Jersey Fresh cantaloupes have just started; and you can expect sugar babies and yellow watermelons soon.


Fresh Melon Suggestions:

  • Wrap them in prosciutto.
  • Including them on cheese boards.
  • Melon Gazpacho, topped with toasted coconut (we had this at an employee BBQ last summer– amazing!)


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Liz G.

Marketing Manager