Avocado Operations Update-6.24.24

As of this past weekend, harvesting and packing operations within Uruapan have returned to normal. Uruapan hosts about 30 of the larger packers from the state of Michoacan, out of a total of 80+. However, packers in Michoacan outside of Uruapan remain suspended. For the 30 approved packers, enhanced security protocols have been implemented, allowing them to carry out activities as normal, with a standardized packing schedule of 9 hours per day, 6 days per week. The US ambassador is meeting with APEAM today to review these new protocols and discuss plans for reinstating non-Uruapan packers.

All previously packed fruit held in coolers last week was released over the weekend. We anticipate limited harvests this week at 25-30 million pounds into the US. Field prices remain very high as packers work to harvest fruit quickly due to the short supply conditions. Heavy rains and flooding throughout Michoacan and Jalisco last week will cause a short-term delay on Loca fruit as dry matter won’t meet minimums. No significant new crop harvests are expected this week. Overall industry supply is anticipated to remain limited for at least two weeks.

US market prices remain extremely elevated this week for fruit from all COO’s. Force Majeure is still in effect as we work to refill the supply pipeline.

Seashore Fruit & Produce Co. in partnership with PRO*ACT will continue to keep you updated on this market and source the freshest products available to us.

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