Berry Supply – 6.12.24

Summer is here, and with it comes changes in berry production and availability. Stay informed with our latest update on strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries to ensure you’re prepared to meet your customers’ demands.


  • Salinas/Watsonville: Anticipate increased fruit production as temperatures rise later this week. While growers face challenges maintaining proper rotation, peak production is expected by the end of June.
  • Santa Maria: Production is decreasing as the season nears its end, but steady output is forecasted for several more weeks.
  • Market Outlook: Prices are stable, with opportunities for volume deals.


  • Production Trends: Expect a decline in production across various regions, including Florida, Georgia, and Central Mexico. California yields are affected by recent heat damage, while Oregon’s new crop is on the horizon.
  • Market Outlook: Limited availability and higher pricing are anticipated in the short term.
  • Local NJ: Local Jersey Fresh blueberries are now available! Stock up and save while they are around, they will not last long!


  • Central Mexico: Production is increasing, with peak levels expected in late June. Watsonville production is gradually rising.
  • Market Outlook: Pricing remains steady, ensuring a reliable supply for your needs.


  • Production Update: Increased production from the West Coast and continued imports from Central Mexico and Baja.
  • Market Outlook: Stable pricing provides opportunities to incorporate raspberries into your menu offerings.

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