Berry Trends and Projections for November

As we look ahead to November, here’s a comprehensive update on the state of the berry market. From strawberries to blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, let’s delve into what the coming month has in store for these sweet and juicy favorites.

Strawberries: Transition and Shifting Markets

The strawberry market is in the midst of a transition. The Salinas and Watsonville, CA regions are expected to finish their harvest by November 1st, signaling a shift in the market landscape.

In the North, most shippers are reporting lighter supplies over the next two weeks. Demand is expected to increase as Santa Maria, CA and Oxnard, CA brace for added pressure moving into November. Meanwhile, Mexico will soon begin ramping up its production, with better numbers expected in mid to late November. Florida is on track to enter the scene in early December, further impacting the market dynamics.

Blueberries: Prolonged Shortage and Market Conditions

Blueberry enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an ongoing shortage. This scarcity is projected to persist well into mid-November, impacting availability and pricing.

A combination of factors contributes to this shortage. Peruvian import production is down by a staggering 50% year-on-year. Mexican crossings are delayed due to inclement weather, and significant increases are not expected until mid-November. Importantly, Chilean imports won’t start arriving until late December or early January, further stretching the supply gap. Market prices remain elevated, with many shippers invoking Act of God (AOG) clauses through mid-November. Availability is limited in this high-demand, low-supply market.

Blackberries: Production Challenges and Rising Prices

Blackberry production is facing challenges on both the West Coast and in Central Mexico. As we move into November, Mexican production is anticipated to pick up, albeit gradually. Shippers are currently focusing on covering contracts, leaving very little open market fruit available.

Raspberries: Softening Market 

Raspberry enthusiasts can anticipate a somewhat softer market due to increased production in the Baja, CA and Central Mexico regions. Production volume is expected to continue rising through the end of October. In the meantime, market conditions have stabilized.

As we approach November, the berry market is marked by transitions, shortages, production challenges, and softening markets. Keep a close eye on these developments and market dynamics as you navigate the fresh produce landscape in the weeks ahead. Stay informed and adaptable to ensure your supply chain remains robust and responsive to these challenges. Seashore Fruit & Produce Co. in partnership with PRO*ACT will continue to keep you updated on this market and source the freshest product available to us.

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