Spring Harvest Update – 4/18/24

As we step into the spring season, our fields are abuzz with anticipation for a plentiful harvest. Here’s an overview of what’s unfolding:

In Coachella, the summer program is off to a gentle start, with cooler weather and recent rainfall slightly delaying production. However, as temperatures rise in the coming days, we expect a surge in summer squash output, with Green Bell peppers set to join the lineup on April 22nd. While initial supplies may be limited, we’re primed to see an uptick in availability as the season progresses. Hot Chili peppers, including Jalapeno and Serrano varieties, are slated to follow shortly thereafter, adding a zesty kick to our offerings. Meanwhile, American Eggplant is gearing up for its debut on May 5th, rounding out our diverse selection of fresh produce.

In the Selma fields of Fresno County, preparations are underway for the upcoming harvest. With warmer weather on the horizon and summer squashes scheduled to hit the shelves on May 5th, we’re optimistic about the season ahead. Our team is committed to delivering top-quality produce straight from the fields to your table.

Marketwise, we’re navigating through some challenges. Hot pepper markets are seeing an uptick, driven by supply gaps stemming from earlier weather disruptions in Mexico. While South Florida grapples with limited chili supply, we’re hopeful for increased availability from Central FL in the coming weeks. Despite these fluctuations, we’re dedicated to ensuring a steady supply of fresh, high-quality produce to meet your needs.

Seashore in partnership with PRO*ACT will continue to keep you updated on this transition and source the freshest product available to us! Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting spring harvest journey!

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