Spring’s Abundance Brings Strong Demand

As we step into the spring season, the market is abuzz with activity and robust demand. However, certain factors are contributing to unique challenges and opportunities in the fresh fruit landscape.

Cantaloupes and Honeydews: The market for cantaloupes and honeydews remains tight due to various factors such as vessel delays, holiday fluctuations, and retail promotions impacting loading schedules. Limited honeydew supply from Mexico is intensifying demand, especially from Florida.

Strawberries: California production from Santa Maria and Oxnard is on the rise, yet demand remains light, keeping markets steady. Anticipated migration of business back to the West Coast from Central Mexico and Florida ahead of Easter is expected to boost demand. Baja, AZ yields are substantially up with excellent quality reported, ensuring higher production levels.

Blueberries: Good availability is noted from Chile, Central Mexico, and Baja, AZ, with California and Georgia gearing up for their respective seasons.

Blackberries: Light numbers from Central Mexico are expected due to logistical challenges around Holy Week. California and Georgia productions are slated for availability in April.

Raspberries: Production is increasing from Central Mexico and Baja, AZ, particularly in organic offerings.

With these insights, navigating the dynamic fresh produce market becomes easier, ensuring optimal procurement strategies for businesses. Seashore in partnership with PRO*ACT will continue to keep you updated on this market and source the freshest product available to us.

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