Warehouse – Order Pickers

Job Description: Responsible for all aspects of picking daily orders for accounts

Reporting Structure: This position reports to the Night Warehouse Supervisor and Assistant Warehouse Manager


* Be able to read and understand order picking sheets
* Be able to use general warehouse equipment (hand jacks, power jacks and fork lifts)
* Have a general understanding of computer based inventory systems
* Know how to or be able to be trained to “build” pallets of product
* Have a general understanding of produce and produce quality
* Be able to communicate to supervisors on product quality and job duty understandings
* Work in an efficient and orderly manner suited to the business
* Work in a cold/refrigerated environment
* Know the policy of “FIFO” First In First Out product system
* Understand how to stage orders for the loaders to be able to load trucks in an orderly way
* Be able to communicate to the supervisor/manager in charge to ensure that the orders are being picked in the correct timeline to coincide with the way that the routes are leaving the warehouse
* Have a knowledge of food safety issues and be able to identify and communicate food safety issues to their supervisors
* Have general cleaning skills
* Perform related duties as required by supervision


Job Requirements and Definition:

* Have an open availability to work second and/or third shifts
* Extensive produce knowledge, including warehousing, storage and shipping
* Excellent organizational skills
* Ability to resolve conflict issues with employees directly reporting to this position
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
* Be a team player


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