Yuma, AZ Rainy Setbacks

In the wake of unexpected rain showers earlier this week in the Yuma, AZ region, harvests are facing disruption as muddy conditions impede the work of harvesting crews. The aftermath of these showers poses a challenge, particularly as desert fields struggle to absorb the moisture quickly, often lingering for days. Many crews were hindered by the muddy fields, limiting their access to stands, and those who managed faced severe restrictions.

As the region received up to an inch of rain, the impact on harvesting is anticipated to be significant. The slower drying process of the desert soil will extend the recovery time, resulting in lighter supplies throughout the week. Growers are expected to gradually increase harvesting in the coming days, but the process will be notably sluggish.

While it’s premature to assess potential damage, the current conditions heighten concerns about quality issues in the field. The combination of rain and previous cold temperatures could amplify challenges, including increased mold, mildew, and bottom rot. Processed products may experience heightened oxidation/pinking, with potential effects on texture and shelf life in the upcoming supplies.

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