National Suppliers

As a member and partner of PRO*ACT, Seashore has established relationships with the industry’s premier growers and shippers. By partnering with the best, Seashore can guarantee its customers a level of quality and product diversity unmatched by other regional distributers.

Regional & Local Suppliers

Locally sourced fruits and produce are grown in proximity to a local distributer, can be picked or harvested at its peak tree- or vine-ripened stage, and offered to consumers in a much shorter amount of time. When commodities are picked at their peak of flavor and freshness, more vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals are retained—making them a healthier choice.

Whenever possible, Seashore opts to source from local farms in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. Offering locally grown products is not only healthy; it supports our local growers and communities.


Seashore is uniquely positioned to provide cross-docking and logistics solutions with cold-chain capabilities. Our new start-of-the-art facility has several temperature zones, we have the latest in warehouse management and routing technology, and our fleet of temperature-controlled trucks maintains the desired temperature to the end-user.

Partner with us

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