Value-Added Produce

January 22, 2021

Taylor Farms is our primary supplier for fresh-cut, value-added lettuces, salads, broccoli and cauliflower florets, celery and carrot sticks, sliced and diced vegetables, and more.

Now more than ever, we’re seeing an increase in demand for fresh-cut solutions. Our sales team recently participated in a virtual training session with Taylor Farms to take a deep dive into “Value-Added” or Fresh-Cut Produce.

The “Value” in Value-Added:

Stable Pricing:  Compared to a commodity program where you ride up and down with the market, value-added offers stable pricing.

100% Yield:  You know your exact yield. Case weights fluctuate, quality fluctuates– but value-added has 100% yield. Once again, offering you stable pricing down to your portion.

Reduced Labor Cost:  Good help is hard to find, while value-added produce offers uniform cuts and doesn’t call in sick– many times it’s washed and ready-to-serve.

Food Safety:  Our processors are vetted with stringent food safety procedures in place.


When you’re ready to cost out you next menu, contact your account manager regarding these convenient, cost-saving options.

In the meantime, check out the video below from Taylor Farms:



Liz G.

Marketing Manager

The purpose of this blog to share my 10 years of produce industry insight. Enjoy more fresh produce, buy with confidence, and let’s move fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables to the center of the plate.

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